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Vision Mantis Elite + accessories

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Part No: 507-200-
3D Eyepiece-less Inspection Microscope

Mantis Elite is an ergonomic eyepieceless stereo microscope, offering superb optical performance with magnification options up to 20x, making it a perfect alternative to more traditional inspection stereo microscopes

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Order Code Product Name Price Qty
507-200 Mantis Elite Head MEH001
RRP: £1,352.00
507-201 Mantis Elite Universal Stand MES005
RRP: £632.00
507-218 Mantis Elite Articulated Arm Stand MEF001
RRP: £1,056.00
507-203 Mantis Elite Objective x 2 MEO002
RRP: £156.00
507-204 Mantis Elite Objective x 4 MEO004
RRP: £113.00
507-206 Mantis Elite Objective x 6 MEO006
RRP: £301.00
507-208 Mantis Elite Objective x 8 MEO008
RRP: £395.00
507-210 Mantis Elite Objective x 10 MEO010
RRP: £414.00
507-215 Mantis Elite Objective x 15 MEO015
RRP: £473.00
507-216 Mantis Elite Objective x 20 MEO020
RRP: £508.00
507-109-4L Mantis Elite LEFT LED Array version 2 MELED001B
RRP: £105.00
507-109-4R Mantis Elite RIGHT LED Array version 2 MELED001B
RRP: £105.00
507-111 Mantis Floating Stage MS002
RRP: £507.00
507-102 Mantis Bench Stand MBS002
RRP: £518.00


A. 2x – 20x magnification options (2 in quick change turret)
B. Superior ergonomics for fatigue-free viewing and increased quality / productivity
C. Superb hand-eye co-ordination for inspection and manipulation tasks
D. Long working distance and large field of view
E. True colour, LED illumination providing up to 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing
F. Choice of stands and accessories to suit numerous applications.
G. Mantis Elite-Cam variant, with internally integrated USB2.0 digital camera

• Mantis Elite is a patented 'eyepieceless' stereo microscope.
• Offering truly superb 3-D imaging and unparalleled levels of comfort, reducing operator fatigue and increasing quality and productivity.
• With magnification options up to 20x, Mantis Elite is the high performance stereo viewer of choice for a wide range of precision tasks requiring magnification.
• Winner of numerous industry design awards, the outstanding ergonomic design is unrivalled by other inspection stereo viewers.
• Patented optical technology removes the need for restrictive eyepieces of a conventional microscope, allowing operators freedom of head movement, providing superb ergonomics and hand-eye co-ordination, plus the ability to wear glasses, if required.
• Mantis Elite is a perfect alternative to traditional stereo microscopes, in use throughout the world for a wide range of inspection, preparation and manipulation tasks requiring hand-to-eye co-ordination.

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