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AD202 Double Drystor Cabinet

Part No: AD-202NM

Humidity Controlled "Active Desiccant" Drying & Storage Cabinet, incorporating X – Flow Technology. Includes 6 sliding removable shelves in stainless steel and a 12 month warranty.

Fulfils the industry standard IPC/Jedec J-STD-033B

The cabinets are simple to install and easy to use, consistent in operation, and are versatile and economical to run. The design offers good stability and response after door opening. The time to recover to <5%RH after a door is opened is normally less than 2 minutes!

Optional Extras:
Cabinet convection heater (usually set to 40°C)
Price: £2,950.00



Equipped with desiccant rotor drying unit with continuous regeneration of the desiccant.
There is no need for any extra consumables or services to operate the unit.
Total external dimensions: 1,245mm (H) x 700(W) x 750(D), floor mounted.

The drying unit is controlled by a set point in the RH meter. The internal conditions are set to 1~3%RH with an internal temperature of around 5ºC above ambient.

It is free-standing and self-controlled, and does not require Nitrogen or compressed air

Two doors are fitted to the front. Behind each door there are fittings for 5 removable shelves. the shelves are 570mm(W) x 640mm(D) and 570mm (W) x 380mm(D).

RH control meter and digital thermometer included in the cabinet, viewed through window.

Electrostatic safe. Conforms to ESD Standard EN 61340-5-1 if polycarbonate window fitted.

Finished in light grey powder coated steel (RAL7035). Fitted with 4 x anti-static castors

Mains electrical supply: 230Vac single phase, 500W max. Average power = 50W.

Benefits of the ACTIVE desiccant system:
No need for moisture barrier bags, nitrogen, compressed air.
Less complicated than baking: Reduces oxidation.
Can use low temperature packaging.
Suitable for compliance with IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-033C.
Meter for internal humidity and temperature included.
Closed loop control of internal humidity.
No "off" time. The desiccant will always be absorbing moisture.
Continually regenerating molecular sieve desiccant.
Fast recovery time after a door is opened (2 minutes).
Very accurate humidity display +/-1%RH

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