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HEAVY DUTY - Anti Static Floor Paint - Electroguard E30 (5 Litre) ESD

Anti Static Floor Paint - Electroguard E30
A Two-Pack Water Based, Static Dissipative Polyurethane paint. It offers an inexpensive yet high specification means of protecting sensitive areas from the costly effects of static build up and provides a means of grounding personnel.
User Friendly
Electroguard E30 is easily applied and maintained and consists of two components, pre-measured for convenience. It should not be confused with more expensive multi coat systems which require installation by specialist contractors and which fail to meet specification with wear. The paint can be applied by brush or roller and the equipment may be cleaned after use in warm water.
Electroguard E30 has excellent chemical resistance, can be easily cleaned and as a Polyurethane Paint it can withstand very heavy traffic wear. The paint has an attractive satin finish and is available in Light Grey, nearest to RAL 7035



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H&S Data E30 Activator

Paint Specification

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Electroguard E30 is a highly durable paint and is designed to be used in high traffic areas such as factory floors, warehouses, corridors etc. It is designed to withstand wear from people, pallet and fork lift trucks. Two coats of E30 applied evenly over a sealed floor will offer many years of protection against static build up.

Electrical Properties

Surface Resistance: 10(5)-10(8) Ohms/Square

Resistance to Ground: 10(5)-10(8) Ohms

Conforms to:  IEC 61340-5-1/2

Charge Decay: Conforms to MILB81705C

Two coats are recommended for best results and should be applied over a sound, sealed floor or wall, free from dirt, oil or any loose particles. It is strongly recommended that E30 not be applied over bare surfaces, concrete, wood, tiles, plasterboard etc. Where this occurs a Water Based Primer should be first applied. We advise against applying if the temperature is below 10°C or if the Moisture Content of the concrete surface to be applied over is greater than 15%. Curing times are dependent on temperature, humidity and ventilation.

Simple steps to care for your ESD floor

1. Sweep -The best way to maintain your floor’s static properties is to keep it clean of dirt. Anything that causes a layer on top the the floor is preventing the floor from working properly. Static will also build up quicker on a dirty floor due to the added friction caused by shoes rubbing on dust and dirt. Sweeping the floor regularly using a dry mop will remove dirt and ensure nothing is preventing the floor working to remove static.

2. Protect – make sure that you look after the floor and take action not to damage the surface. Be careful when moving heavy items of furniture/machinery so that you do not scratch the floor. Your painted floor will be able to cope with general foot and vehicle traffic and in the case of Electroguard E30, a polyurethane paint, withstand very heavy traffic wear. Damaged areas should be repainted to ensure no loss of protection.

3. Wash – In the real world, floors will get dirty and your ESD floor can be washed with water and a simple mop and bucket. For harsher stains a cleaner can be used but please ensure it is a neutral ph cleaner. Many commonly used cleaning products leave behind a residue which will act as a sealer to your ESD floor and prevent it working.There are ESD floor cleaners available which include an antistat that attracts moisture from the atmosphere that eliminate static build up. Cleaning with the wrong products can impact the effectiveness of your static floor so please get in touch if you have any questions.

4. Water – whilst we recommend cleaning your floor with water, when sweeping won’t suffice, please do not leave pools of water on the floor surface since it will cause the paint to crack and lift. After washing ensure that any water is removed and the floor allowed to dry. Also remove any spills of oil or corrosive substances as soon as possible.

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