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  1. Bench mounted PCB depaneling tool NEW

    Bench Mounted PCB Depanelizer tool - DPB Series

    Price: £780.00
    Part No: 601-400 Bench Mounted Pneumatic PCB Depanelizer tool (NIBBLER), which is ideal for production depaneling of routed, printed circuit boards, from a mother panel.

    Please note, this Depanelizer includes ONE blade of your choice. When ordering please select either Single Cut or Double "T" Cut and the Blade Thickness.

    Custom size blades are available, please ask for details.


  2. PCB Depanelizer GES460

    PCB Depanelizer GES460

    Price: £1,995.00
    Part No: 601-106NM Depanelizer (aka NIBBLER) Low cost, manual unit for separation of both large and small pre-scored PCB's. Working position is adjustable, and rear bench is tiltable so that cut items slide away. Easy hand operated cutter, in a sturdy case, ideal for a workbench.
  3. DPF300 Depanelizer

    DPF 300 Depanelizer (PCB Nibbler)

    Price: £5,350.00
    Part No 601-250 The DPF 300 is a manual depaneling system designed to solve the needs of depanelizing (PCB Nibbler) small PCB's FR4 type materials and can be used on aluminium substrate PCB's


    CLICK HERE for Complex Shapes (Straight Cuts Only) or HERE for Traditional Shapes or HERE for Circular Cutting (Special Tooling Required)
  4. N100 PCB Nibbler supplied with one 1.5mm blade and foot pedal

    N100 PCB Depanelizer

    Price: £995.00
    Part No: N100 New Air Operated PCB Depanelizer (aka NIBBLER) for Tab Routed Pcb's, supplied with one 1.5mm blade and foot pedal
  5. K3000 Depanelizer

    K3000 Depanelizer


    Part No: K3000-NM Manual scored PCB separator (aka NIBBLER)
  6. K2000 Depanelizer

    K2000 Depanelizer


    Part No: K2000-NM Motorised scored PCB Depanelizer (aka NIBBLER)
  7. Single Cut Blade

    Bench Mounted PCB - Replacement Blades

    Price: £63.00
    Part No: 601-4 Bench Mounted PCB - Replacement Blades. Single Cut or Double "T" Cut.

    CLICK HERE - for Bench Mounted Depanelizer

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